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Launch of new Iconclass website and browser
10 November 2009

The new Iconclass website and the new Iconclass 2100 Browser, that will replace the Libertas browser, were launched at 10 November 2009 at the RKD office in The Hague, The Netherlands.

At a celebratory meeting under the slogan ‘Things are happening at Iconclass!’ a group of people joined; amongst them Iconclass contributors from the very beginning, Iconclass users from museums and universities and other people associated with Iconclass.
André van de Waal, son of Iconclass founder Henri van de Waal, launched the new Iconclass 2100 Browser with the klick of a button. This was followed by a brief introduction to the browser, a virtual trip through the website and a preview of Iconclass as a webservice.

From today, the Libertas browser is no longer available and we hope that the Iconclass 2100 Browser will be used intensively and successfully.
Iconclass 2100 is new in almost every respect, from its fundamental software design to its interface. The difference first catching the eye, however, is the fact that this browser is illustrated with images from RKDimages. They are included in the new browser site not just to make the browsing experience more lively, but also to demonstrate the use of Iconclass with the help of an important collection of images.

For more information see the Iconclass 2100 Browser and open the help file for a practical guide. The workings of the Iconclass system are explained in the sitemap Contents of Iconclass on this homepage. You can also contact the RKD for information by choosing the sitemap Contact.


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