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Work in Progress

The RKD is working to improve various parts of the Iconclass service. On this page, we will inform you about the efforts being undertaken for this purpose.

Editorial process
Additional structure will be added to the Iconclass editorial process. This means that regular changes will be made at times scheduled in advance, after a specific procedure set out in an editorial protocol has been followed. This protocol will be made available on the website, along with a form that will allow users to suggest changes. An expert editorial board will be established to assess the proposed changes, and will report on its decisions on the website. The RKD is currently working to complete the technical aspects of this system. We expect that the new form of this editorial process will be launched in 2010.

Digital Newsletter

The RKD will inform Iconclass users about newsfacts and other Iconclass issues in a digital newsletter called Iconclass International, which is planned to be published quarterly. We expect to release the first edition of Iconclass International in de course of 2010.

User community
The website will feature a platform that will allow users to maintain contact with one another, hold discussions and talk about proposed changes, before these changes actually are submitted.

Iconclass Workshops
In the future, the RKD will offer classes and workshops about Iconclass. The classes will be informative in nature, and can be provided on site upon request. The workshops have a more practical focus, and will be held at the RKD. We are currently developing a course programme for various target groups.

Iconclass bibliography

To ensure Iconclass can be used effectively for research, efforts will also be undertaken to update the existing paper Iconclass bibliography. We do not yet know when this will be available online.

Iconclass web service
Iconclass is available as a web service for applications that can access it. The first application that supports this is Adlib Museum by Adlib Information Systems in Maarssen. Work is still being done to improve the way in which Iconclass data can be saved in the user’s application.

User feedback
We are happy to receive feedback from Iconclass users about the new developments. Please email your questions, comments and suggestions about Iconclass to

This page was last updated on 2009-11-10.


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